Yuck吉他手Max Bloom對前輩的愛。




不可免俗的,正如其他無論年輕或不年輕的樂團,Dinosaur Jr.與Thurston Moore對Yuck也有躲也躲不掉的深刻影響。

看看Yuck吉他手Max Bloom為何喜愛Dinosaur Jr.與Thurston Moore。

Max Bloon:
Dinosaur Jr.當初深深影響了剛組團時的Yuck,有時有人說他們就是經典的搖滾樂,但我總認為他們比其他經典有著更多異趣味和扭曲的聲音。我最能記得的就是J Mascis的吉他,彈起來像是一把旋律組成的電鋸劃成的溫暖河流。

現在和Lou Barlow、Murph的原始黃金陣容現場絕對要去見識一番。還有要記得帶耳塞,因為如果最大聲是10,他們會開到11!

「最大聲是10,他們會開到11」的由來。偽搖滾紀錄片〈This is Spinal Tap〉

Thurston Moore是讓我看到電吉他不同面向的吉他手之一,他在Sonic Youth時,瘋狂的吉他效果和回授噪音聲響大大衝擊了我對彈吉他的想法,

而他的最新個人專輯則相當美妙且內斂,少了Sonic Youth時期的沈重和扭曲,而依舊是非常紮實無二的他。不要錯過他的現場演出,對所有人來說這將會是個感性之旅!

Dinosaur Jr:

Dinosaur Jr has been a huge influence on our music from the very beginning. People sometimes describe their music as classic rock, but I’ve always seen their music as something slightly more weird and twisted than any classic rock band. The thing that stays with me the most is J Mascis’ guitar sound, which can go from sounding like a melodic chainsaw to a warm river. They’re now playing together in their original 3-piece with Lou and Murph, so you should definitely take this chance to see them live. Bring earplugs though, because they turn it up to 11.

Thurston Moore:

Thurston Moore was one of the guitarists who made me see the electric guitar in a different way. His experiments with feedback and crazy sounding guitar effects in Sonic Youth had a really big impact on my guitar playing. His latest solo album is something quite beautiful and refrained, less heavy and distorted than his work with Sonic Youth, but still very much him. Don’t miss the chance to see him play live, it will most likely be an emotional experience for everyone.

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